Cleveland Cavaliers Continue To Watch Playoff Hopes Crumble

By kennethbrown
Ron Schwane- USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers are stuck in the middle at the moment. They want more, young talented players to add to their team, but they want to reach the playoffs. Sadly they’re not at either extreme. They’ve had many a false dawns and believed they were making a late run at the playoffs, but as many suggested all season, their consistency is going to prevent them from achieving that. They have been a better team as of late, but the last few losses have seen them fall five games behind the last playoff spot, meaning it’d take an almighty turn around if they were to get there this season.

The Cavaliers will want to keep some momentum going, so if they were to carry on their current form it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. The morale would stay higher than previous years, they’d know they are a piece or two away from a future playoff place and they’d likely be rewarded with a very talented player in the 2014 draft, which appears have quality in abundance. It is sad, however, that the franchise which aimed so high has fallen so far.

The coming months will be detrimental to the Cavaliers and their future success as they will learn a lot about who will stay and who will go. They will look to find the identity of their franchise that has been missing for several years. While a playoff place isn’t totally lost for this season, you can safely say the Cavaliers don’t have the weapons or form to push themselves back into contention.

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