LeBron James Gives Miami Heat Teammates WWE Title Belts

By Andrew Fisher
Lebron James Miami Heat
Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

You may remember a few weeks back when LeBron James asked how he could get a WWE title belt on Twitter. A couple of wrestlers immediately responded to LBJ, with one of them being The Rock. The People’s Champ ultimately hooked James up with a replica title, which was much to his liking. James is a lifelong WWE fan and you could tell that he really appreciated the nice gesture from The Rock.

Well, now it appears that James is paying it forward. Check out his photo from his Instagram account:

That’s right, the entire Miami Heat team has been hooked up with title belts, courtesy of King James.

LBJ didn’t stop there with the WWE plugs, though. He also posted this along with the photo:

“Always wanted to be the WWE Heavyweight World Champion so today I surprised my teammates with their own for their collection. And by the way it’s a Great time to be a @WWE fan with the launch of #WWENetwork #LoveMyTeammates #WWEStandOutAsAKid #StriveForGreatness”

I’m sure Vince McMahon greatly appreciated this plug by James. He just gave the new WWE Network lots of free publicity by posting this photo and comment to his millions of followers.

I won’t be surprised if we see James make an appearance on WWE TV at some point in the near future. The sports entertainment company is always looking for ways to expand its audience by bringing in stars from other realms.


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