Los Angeles Clippers Ready To Sign Danny Granger?

By Andrew Fisher
Danny Granger
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Danny Granger is the topic of many NBA conversations these days. After being dealt to the Philadelphia 76ers last week on deadline day, word quickly spread that Granger had no interest in playing for his new team. You certainly can’t blame him. After all, he went from one of the best teams in the league, to one of the worst. But now it appears that he’s going to find some middle ground.

Granger has officially been bought out by the 76ers, which will make him a free agent able to sign anywhere, once he clears waivers. Most are expecting the next 48 hours to go by without a team putting a claim in on the small forward, so the question then becomes — who will make a push to acquire the soon-to-be free agent?

According to Yahoo Sports, the Los Angeles Clippers are the front-runners for Granger at this point. However, the San Antonio Spurs are also still in the mix.

From Granger’s side of things, we know that he only wants to play for a contender the rest of the way this season. The Clippers are most certainly contenders with the potential to go all the way. Are they the favorites in the West? No, but that’s because they’re a piece or two away. Granger could most certainly be that missing piece.

Even though the small forward’s production has fallen off recently, there’s no question that he can still ball. His reduced numbers this year in Indiana were mainly the result of a lot less playing time and a different role. Granger is still capable of putting up 15-20 points per night, he just hasn’t been called on to do so this season.

His role with the Clippers would still be limited compared to what he used to do, but there’s no doubt he could help put L.A. over the hump this postseason.


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