NBA: Thought of Adding Four-Point Line Is Ridiculous

By Brian Anderson
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

In a recent interview with, Rod Thorn and Kiki Vandeweghe explained that the NBA once explored the option to expand the basketball court and adding a four-point line. Although they spoke hypothetically about the changes, their comments sparked a worldwide debate throughout the basketball community.

Determined not to speak too much on the situation, both Vandeweghe and Thorn did their best to explain why the league would fathom such a dramatic change. Personally, I believe the expansion of the court would be in direct relation to bringing in more revenue. At the end of the day, money rules the sports world, but the idea of adding a four-point line is simply ridiculous. Although it could boost sales, it would put a damper on the game we have all come to love. The four-point play in the NBA is rare, but that is what makes it special.

No players have commented on the situation as of yet, but I would love to hear what they think about expanding the court and adding in a four-point line. I can assure you that most of the players in the league will dismiss the possibility. It is just too drastic of a change to a sport that has been played a certain way for so long. The addition of the three-point line was necessary and proved to be a great move. Adding in the four-point line would encourage players to take even more ill advised shots than they already take, which is something no one wants to see. Let us all hope that the league does not fall victim to any of these preposterous ideas. Things are fine just the way they are.

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