Caron Butler Should Sign With Oklahoma City Thunder

By Andrew Fisher
Caron Butler
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It’s that time of year in the NBA. We’re now on the other side of the trade deadline, which means that there are only a few more significant roster moves to be made. These moves typically come in the form of contract buyouts, which are followed by impromptu free agent signing sessions. Danny Granger was the first big name to enter this market, and now he’s been joined by Caron Butler.

The Milwaukee Bucks bought out the small forward on Thursday, and most are expecting him to clear waivers and become an available free agent. At this point in time, the reported front-runners for Butler are the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder. Of those two teams, it’s anyone’s guess as to where he’ll sign.

The early word was that Butler was leaning towards Miami, but now it appears he could be split between the Heat and Thunder.

So where should the capable scorer sign for the remainder of 2014?

If he’s looking for an opportunity to stand out more and make significant contributions, I believe he should sign on in OKC. It’s very possible that he could get lost in the mix with the Heat. Miami doesn’t really need scoring help and Butler would be a role player at best.

In OKC, the small forward would have an opportunity to be the fourth or fifth scorer behind Kevin Durant and company. Sure, he’s no James Harden, but he could no doubt draw some attention away from the Thunder’s top stars.

For the season, Butler is averaging 11 PPG. That average would make him OKC’s sixth leading scorer, but we all know he’s capable of more than that.

We’ll have to wait and see where veteran forward’s head is at on this. If goes to Miami, he just wants to win a ring. If he goes go OKC, he wants to win a ring, while being a valuable contributor. I’m always in favor of athletes taking the second route.


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