Chicago Bulls Rumors: Antawn Jamison Addition This Season Not Worth the Trouble

By Tracy Martin
Antawn Jamison
Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

The Chicago Bulls are showing all the signs that they are pursuing several options to beef up their roster. One of the rumors circulating right now concerns the Bulls placing their sights on Antawn Jamison for a possible signing this season. But would Jamison make a smart addition to the team?

This is not the first time Jamison’s name has popped up around a possible contract with the Bulls. Rumors circulated around Jamison joining up with the Bulls last offseason, but both parties went their separate ways. As fate would have it, Chicago is still in the same position now that they were back then — a team looking to patch up some missing spots on their roster.

Jamison played limited minutes with the Los Angeles Clippers this season until he was traded to the Atlanta Hawks. Upon their acquisition, both the Hawks and Jamison agreed to a buyout of Jamison’s contract and his subsequent release into the free agency.

It would not be a wise decision for the Bulls’ front office to sign Jamison. For one, Jamison’s glory days are well past him. At best, the 15-year veteran could impart some wisdom on his teammates in Chicago, but right now the Bulls need someone more athletic and apt to take on the top teams in the Eastern Conference.

As a veteran who never got his chance at a title, there is no doubt Jamison has his eyes dead-set on winning the NBA Championship in the near future, but intentions can only get you so far in this league. The Bulls would do well to save their money and sign someone that would fit better into what the team needs.

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