If Bought Out, Dallas Mavericks Should Grab Former Chicago Bulls Star Ben Gordon

By Miotch
Ben Gordon
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

For whatever reason, the Dallas Mavericks have avoided going after, let alone signing, former Chicago Bulls stars. Maybe it is merely a coincidence, but if you look at some of the success Kirk Hinrich has had, for instance, after returning to Chicago last season, Dallas kicking the tires on Ben Gordon doesn’t seem too foolish of an idea.

Gordon is currently under contract with Michael Jordan‘s Charlotte Bobcats, but there are several rumors swirling about which indicate that Gordon will soon get his contract bought out. Gordon, just like Hinrich before he came back to Chicago, has been totally written off. So-called experts believe he’s a shell of the former player he was when he was with the Bulls, and some of these experts believe Gordon isn’t even worthy of sitting on the bench and waving a towel.

No one can make an argument that Gordon’s towel-waving skills are on par with, say, former star Maverick Jason Terry‘s, but while Gordon may lack the pizzazz of a cheerleader, he still — don’t laugh — has the game that enabled him years ago to thief the nickname ‘The Microwave’ from former NBA legend Vinnie Johnson. If you just look at his overall stats, it’s too easy to assume that, like most undersized shooting guards, Gordon’s shelf life was just too short.

Before you write him off, you have to factor in the organizations Gordon has been playing for these last few seasons. Both the Detroit Pistons and Bobcats were trying to get the younger guys minutes, and were not the least bit concerned with the expiration date of the contents on the shelf. Gordon butted heads with coaches trying to play the ‘young fellas’ over him, but on the Mavericks, the preference is obviously the opposite, as head coach Rick Carlisle loves to play the veterans.

And who knows? Maybe all that time Gordon spent sitting on the bench these past few seasons is a blessing in disguise. Maybe his shelf life has not expired. Should Gordon get bought out this week, the Mavericks have nothing to lose in trying to find out.

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