Kevin Durant Helped Fallen Cameraman Get X-Rays

By Andrew Fisher
Kevin Durant
Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Durant already has a reputation of being a nice guy. In fact, some say he’s too nice. It’s debatable whether his niceness hurts him on the basketball court, but it certainly helped out a FOX camera man on Wednesday night.

Check out this wild story from Reddit user mathan1234:

I was working for Fox at the OKC Thunder game last night. After the game, one of our camera operators slipped and fell on the stairs last night. KD is about to walk his mother out, but sees this happen. He said to his mom, “Hold on a minute.”

He walks up to our cameraman says “Hey are you alright?”, he then walks our cameraman back to the production truck. On the way, they talk and decide that his finger might be broken, so they go to the arena’s x-ray machine and KD arranges for our guy to get an x-ray right there.

And to top it off, he waited there with him. Turns out the finger was broken. And once it was over, he walked our guy back to the truck and got him some ice.

This story sounds so unbelievable, simply because we just don’t hear of things like this all that often anymore. It’s not that the days of good deeds are gone, it’s that most of the gossipy stories we hear about pro athletes, are negative. When a player does something off-the-court to make the headlines, it’s usually not a good thing. Maybe it’s just because negative stories draw more viewers, but I’d be in favor of reporting more good stories like this one.


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