Milwaukee Bucks Must Decide Between Need or Best Available in NBA Draft

By David Grant
Milwaukee Bucks
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For Milwaukee Bucks and their fans, it’s time to move on from this season and look to the future. The future starts with the 2014 NBA Draft. This particular draft is expected to be one of the strongest in years. It’s a great year to tank! The questions that come with the lottery prize are often weighted by needs and talent of prospects. In the Bucks’ case the draft could really go either way. Here’s a look at three scenarios and how they should proceed.

Scenario 1: The Bucks end up with top three pick and best available is either Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker.

Issue: Both are small forwards and play the same position as resident prospect Giannis Antetokounmpo.

ResolutionMove  Antetokounmpo to shooting guard (a need for the Bucks) and see how he does there. Given his length this may not be a natural position, but it does follow how the Oklahoma City Thunder handled a young Kevin Durant.

Scenario 2: The Bucks select Marcus Smart or Dante Exum in a top three spot.

Issue: None. Guard is a position of need, Smart is more of a combo guard but so is their current combo guard Brandon Knight.

ResolutionThis is a rare case where best available and need meet together as one big happy family.

Scenario 3: Joel Embiid is hands-down the best available.

Issue: The Bucks have Larry Sanders signed to be their center for the next four years. Normally you would have Sanders slide over to the four spot, but that is also occupied with rising star John Henson.

ResolutionThis is where it gets messy, but the Bucks must keep their eye on the future. The team should draft Embiid and deal either Sanders or Henson, whichever turns out easier to move with more value in return.

There are many more options and we will know more (or maybe less) once we get closer to the draft. The Bucks have many areas of need but also have some solid potential already in place in their frontcourt. Still, if there is a chance to nab a top prospect the Bucks have to take the best available and deal with the repercussions regardless.

David is a NBA writer for Rant Sports.  Follow David S. Grant on Twitter @david_s_grant.

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