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5 Reasons Danny Granger Did Not Fit the San Antonio Spurs

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5 Reason San Antonio Spurs Didn't Need Danny Granger

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The drama surrounding Danny Granger and his decision has not seen such attention since the infamous "decision" made by LeBron James to go to South Beach. But the speculations can finally be put to rest as Granger has chosen the Los Angeles Clippers over the San Antonio Spurs, according to sources near Granger. But Granger may have actually helped the Spurs by default.

A legitimate chance to play big minutes looks like the deciding factor for Granger's choice, seeing that J.J. Redick has been out and his spot would be up for grabs. Whether or not Redick returns from some on-going back issues has yet to be evaluated. But that did not stop the Clippers from bidding on the former All-Star, in hopes of some firepower for the playoffs.

It is also speculated that Granger's off-season home in Los Angeles was another major reason he chose "Lob City", which would make the transition to a new team that much easier. The interest of the legendary Doc Rivers as a head coach was another deal seller. Rivers also became a journeyman after eight years with the Atlanta Hawks.

Now that Granger is set to be a Clipper, most may assume the power has shifted in the Western Conference. And the pressure could be on the Spurs, with the Oklahoma City Thunder preparing to add the help of Caron Butler. But San Antonio has nothing to worry about and Granger would not have improved its chances of success. Let's take a look at some of the reasons the Spurs dodged a bullet.

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5. Bench Time

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With Kawhi Leonard's return and Tony Parker expected to play in the very near future, Danny Granger would have had to settle for coming off the bench. And with a rotation including Marco Belinelli, Manu Ginobili and Patty Mills, it is safe to say that Granger would have had to compete for more minutes.

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4. Ego

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After being traded by the Indiana Pacers, Granger was reported to have been extremely ticked off about the whole situation. His expectations to prove something to a basketball world that has pretty much counted him out would not go over well with Gregg Popovich. Just like Tracy McGrady and Stephen Jackson, Granger's attitude would have made him more of a distraction than a solution.

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3. Age

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The San Antonio Spurs are always looked at as the "old men" who are never considered as serious contenders until they are actually in contention. And the last thing the Spurs needed was another 30-year-old Danny Granger, coming into a system he was not fit for. The former All-Star has only played 34 games in the last two seasons, which would incline one to think his conditioning would not be at championship levels.

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2. Money

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Danny Granger's contract buyout for the Philadelphia 76ers was $14million. It can be assumed that Granger would be expecting some serious coins in his pocket if he signed with the San Antonio Spurs. There are more affordable free-agents that can be easily molded to the Spurs way of basketball for a lesser price, such as Shannon Brown.

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1. Injuries

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The San Antonio Spurs have been struggling with injuries all season. As they finally regain their health, it would have been foolish to risk a roster spot on Danny Granger, knowing his recent health history. Granger has had issues with patellar tendinosis in his left knee and had surgery last April to correct it. Calf strains and other ailments have caused Granger to miss 48 games in the last two seasons. In 29 games this year, Granger was able to muscle together an average of 8.3 points a game.