Danny Granger Signing Makes Los Angeles Clippers Serious Contenders

By Brandon Fitzpatrick
Danny Granger Rumors

The Western Conference is stacked this year in the NBA. There are legitimately five teams you could argue that could win the Conference. One of those teams has been the Los Angeles Clippers. The Clippers made headlines this offseason but have seemed to be missing one piece to become a favorite in the West. Well, early Friday morning they made a move that makes them real contenders.

The Clippers went out and signed Danny Granger, who was just bought out by the Philadelphia 76ers. Granger was a star for the Indiana Pacers until injuries derailed his great career. Over the last two seasons, he saw the Pacers transition from being Granger’s team to being Paul George‘s team. Granger was sent to the 76ers for Evan Turner and Lavoy Allen. He then asked the team to be bought out.

The main question surrounding Granger is his health. He has had numerous injuries over the last two seasons. Furthermore he has not been very impressive so far this season. This could be because he realized he was being shoved aside and decided to stop trying. But whatever the reason for his unimpressive play, Granger can put the Clippers over the top.

Clearly Blake Griffin and Chris Paul are the Clippers’ two best players, and Granger will be a great complimentary piece. The Clippers’ crunch-time lineup will most likely include Paul, Griffin, Granger, DeAndre Jordan, and Jamal Crawford. If there is any coach that could find a way to get the most out of Granger, it is Doc Rivers.

For the Clippers, this move was a no brainer. It gives them a guy who has shown he can be a prolific scorer in the NBA. If healthy, Granger makes the Clippers legitimate contenders in the Western Conference.

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