Keys to Victory Over Milwaukee Bucks for Brooklyn Nets

By Mike B. Ruiz
Benny Sieu-USA Today Sports

The road trip continues for the Brooklyn Nets on Saturday night, as they’ll face an Eastern Conference opponent for the first time following the All-Star break when they take on the Milwaukee Bucks.

And that matchup cannot result in a loss.

Losses on March 1 normally don’t have the potential to be absolutely devastating, but this one would most certainly have that kind of effect. After all, Milwaukee does have the worst record in the league, 11-46.

To avoid what would be the biggest letdown of the season, the Nets must come out attacking right from the start, or else they could quickly find themselves playing down to the competition and in trouble. Deron Williams could be the one to make things happen quickly if he looks to get into the paint early on. Playing that aggressively against the Los Angeles Lakers this past Sunday clearly had a tremendous effect on the rest of his teammates, as it was evident that they fed off his energy.

The next key to victory for Brooklyn has to be their outside shooting. Against an opponent as poor as the Bucks, the Nets need to limit the amount of three-pointers they take, unless of course they’re completely wide open or need to be taken late in the shot clock. One of the very few ways the Nets could lose this game is if they miss an inexplicable amount of threes and get killed in transition as a result.

Failing to prevent O.J. Mayo or Ramon Sessions from having an enormous game could also cost the Nets what should be an easy victory. No other player on Milwaukee’s roster poses too much of an offensive threat. As long as they stick to the game plan, Brooklyn’s sky won’t be falling by the end of the night.

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