Los Angeles Clippers Signing Danny Granger Will Cause Chemistry Problems

By Shane Phillips
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Several sources around the NBA have reported that Danny Granger intends to sign with the Los Angeles Clippers once he clears waivers with the Philadelphia 76ers. It was rumored that several teams were interested in the small forward, but L.A. caught his eye. Granger’s signing might seem like a huge win for the Clippers franchise as they attempt to make it past the second round of the playoffs for the first time, but it may cause more turmoil than success.

Granger has discussed his wants in a potential suitor. Of course, like any player, he wants to be on a contender which is part of the reason the 76ers bought him out. Philadelphia looks like they will be in rough shape for the next few years while Los Angeles has all the makings of a championship contender.

But then there is the worrisome demand that is partially responsible for his trade from the Indiana Pacers. Granger wants to be a star again; he doesn’t want to the a bench player who gets 15-20 minutes a game. He wants to be playing upwards of 30 minutes and be a major factor on the court. That mentality might not play into the Clippers’ rotation too well, not to mention there is only a quarter of the season left to build chemistry.

The Clippers have so many players capable of playing a vital role in the rotation. There is Jamal Crawford (who will return from injury soon), Jared Dudley, Matt Barnes, Darren Collison and even Hedo Turkoglu. That is a lot of competition for Granger to mesh with. What I really don’t like about this signing is that the Clippers were just beginning to see results. After all of the offseason changes and growing pains, the rotation was finally coming together and playing well. Now they will have to attempt to bring a new face in, and it could destroy what they have spent all season building.

Signing Granger could turn out to be the move that pushes Los Angeles over the top or it could turn out to be the move that curses them. It really comes down to Granger, his attitude and his play. If he fits in and plays well, Doc Rivers might find him a bigger role in the rotation, but he might also have to sit back and be the bench player. It’s all up to him and how he takes whatever role he gets. Let’s see how we talk about this decision come June.

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