Miami Heat Becoming More Menacing Than LeBron James’ Mask

By Richard Nurse
Miami Heat
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It was dipped in black, and matched LeBron James‘ throwback and stole headlines — sort of like the carbon-fiber cousin to Kobe Bryant and Kyrie Irving’s plastic models. The mask even had its own Twitter name. “Only LeBron,” teammate Shane Battier said to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, “could make breaking your nose look cool.”

But what would you expect from a Miami Heat team that calls themselves the Heatles? Especially a day after they were outfitted with WWE belts to match the rings on their fingers — championship or otherwise, for the few newcomers.

However, it’s a shame that more articles are being tailor-made around a piece of face gear than Caron Butler choosing to finish off the year with the Oklahoma City Thunder rather than in Miami. But don’t blame me; blame the New York Knicks for playing so pitiful that TNT chose to switch to a triple-overtime game on NBA League Pass. Or perhaps we should just give Miami credit for being more menacing than the James mask.

After starting off the first three months very slow and lacking rotation, their defense has been pretty ramped up during their 10-games in the month of February. As a matter of fact, they have been so good stopping the ball that none of those teams were able to climb over 49 percent.

And while they continue to get beat up on the boards, their league-high 51 percent shooting ensures that they don’t need many on offense (only three last night). Plus, they grabbed plenty of defensive boards off of the Knicks’ 52 missed shots. If James can keep up his MVP-like play and Dwyane Wade can keep at his recent 21-point, six rebound, six assists average, the South Beach Boys won’t have to worry much about not adding anyone at March’s buyout deadline.

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