San Antonio Spurs Rumors: Danny Granger May Be Losing Interest In San Antonio

By winstonharris
Danny Granger
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The drama of the contract buyout with process with Danny Granger and the Philadelphia 76ers has just heated up with reports that both parties have come to an agreement. As one of the top suitors for Granger, the San Antonio Spurs must now prepare to make a run for the superstar who may be looking elsewhere.

Once the buyout is completed, which will be by the midnight deadline on Saturday, Granger will be open to offers from any team interested his services. It is rumored that San Antonio and the Los Angeles Clippers hold the most attention for Granger, who is seeking a place where he can win his first championship. Other team mentioned in his courting process will be the Chicago Bulls, Dallas Mavericks, and the Houston Rockets.

The Clippers may be the most intriguing to Granger just because of the possible starting position he could earn on the rising contender. He could definitely consume the minutes that J.J. Redick would have been playing if not battling injury. Granger also owns property in the Los Angeles area that may make the move more convenient.

San Antonio will have to pitch a role that exemplifies offensive responsibility and playing time. Granger has not seen much action in the past few seasons due to injury, only averaging 21.4 minutes a game since the 2012-13 season. According to sources, the Spurs are looking for a “Robert Horry” type of role out of the former all-star.

Whether or not there is enough playing time to go around on the Spurs roster with injuries healing is irrelevant to San Antonio’s sale pitch. It looks as if the Spurs would have to promise some type of set amount of minutes for Granger, which may not fit Gregg Popovich‘s style. Pop is not one to really chase after talent, but observe and allow those who fit his system to decide for themselves. If San Antonio can get back to 100 percent health, then adding a significant peace won’t be necessary but it could be a great back-up plan.

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