Coaching Could Be in Dallas Mavericks Forward Shawn Marion's Future

By Miotch
Shawn Marion
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Shawn Marion of the Dallas Mavericks is a smart guy. It’s telling whenever you watch him play basketball, especially on the defensive end. He seems to always know where he needs to be. He’s still one of the better all-around small forwards in the NBA, but you’d have to believe at 35 that Marion has to be thinking about what he’s going to do after he eventually retires.

Since Marion’s college days at UNLV, he’s been compared to Scottie Pippen, and with good reason. Like Pippen, who was Michael Jordan‘s right-hand man during six NBA championship runs, Marion was Dirk Nowitzki‘s sidekick when the Mavericks won it all in 2011. Not only is Marion’s game on the court comparable with that of Pippen’s, so is his flashy, extravagant style off the court. Marion is not shy to share this extravagant lifestyle, so to speak, on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. In recent years, Pippen has expressed an interest in coaching, so it’s probably not too farfetched to think Marion might wind up doing the same.

Coaching hires are no different than any other fad. Today, NBA teams are hiring younger guys or video room guys, and the next day they’re hiring older, more experienced guys. Sometimes coaching trends can simply be a certain look, like a slim guy or an overweight guy. Jason Kidd, for instance, was a great player just like Marion is, and he made millions upon millions of dollars as a player as well. Why can’t Marion jump right into being a head coach after he’s done playing, too?

Perhaps Kidd’s level of success will play a big role in whether or not Marion becomes a head coach in the future, but you’d have to believe ‘The Matrix’ has it in him to become an NBA head coach. He definitely has the look for it.

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