New York Knicks are Slowly Pushing Carmelo Anthony Out of Town

By Brian Neal
Carmelo Anthony Free Agent
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The longer this 2013-14 NBA season gets for the New York Knicks, the more and more it seems like Carmelo Anthony is going to walk away from the Big Apple.

I mean, would you want to stay on that team after this year?

The Knicks are 21-38 after another embarrassing loss tonight, this one to the Golden State Warriors by 23. They’ve dropped their last five in a row and eight of nine. And in the process, they continue to prove they’re easily the most dysfunctional team in the Association. Sure, there may be six teams in the league with worse records, but those squads were supposed to stink. The Knicks were expected to be a playoff team this year — a top-five seed in the Eastern Conference.

Instead, they’re in the running for the top pick in the draft — you know, if they had a first-round pick this year. Nope, instead that pick, which could’ve turned into Jabari Parker, Joel Embiid or Andrew Wiggins, is in the possession of the Denver Nuggets, as the Knicks sent it to Denver in the trade for Melo.

Of course, all season has had the J.R. SmithMike Woodson fiasco. You’ve got to appreciate the player-coach feud. That has to be great for the Knicks’ team chemistry and overall locker-room morale.

And just this past week, we find out how great of a shooter Raymond Felton really is … or isn’t. Yeah, let’s go with “isn’t.”

Worst of all may be the team’s cap situation. All they’ve done is take on horrible contracts to players who certainly don’t deserve what they’re making, as evidenced by how bad the team has been this year. Amare Stoudemire, Tyson Chandler and Andrea Bargnani are all due absurd amounts of money next season and the only one of those guys they can dump to another team is probably Chandler. But then they obviously lose their only real big man, so … Not sure if that actually helps any.

What that means is that not only do they not have a first-round draft pick this year in an amazing class, but they don’t have money to improve the team in free agency.

Ultimately, this is going to force Melo to leave even if he had been hoping to stay before the season started. Nobody in their right mind would want to come back to this. If he ever wants to win a championship, he’s just not going to be able to have a legitimate opportunity in New York. If he doesn’t already see that, two more months of piss-poor basketball will surely convince him, and then he’ll decline his player option and say hello to the 2014 free-agency market where rumored teams like the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers will be looking to court the All-Star forward.

The worst part of all of this? The Knicks’ organization and front office have no one to blame but themselves. They’ve put their roster in such a horrible spot, and they’re going to drive out their best player because of it. Adios, Melo.

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