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2014 NBA Draft: 5 Players the Cleveland Cavaliers Should Target

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2014 NBA Draft: 5 Players the Cleveland Cavaliers Should Target

5 Players the Cleveland Cavaliers Should Target in the Draft
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This year’s NBA draft is loaded with talent at every position. Players such as Jabari Parker and Andrew Wiggins lead the class talent wise. However there are many other players making an impact as well. Julius Randle of Kentucky, is one of the best power forwards in the NCAA. Aaron Gordon is one of the most athletic players Arizona has ever had. Tyler Ennis of Syracuse, is one of the biggest surprises in the NCAA this year. It has been a year in college basketball that won’t ever be forgotten, and we haven’t even entered into tourney time yet! Who would think that of all schools Wichita State would still be undefeated?

Nobody in the country predicted that. There has been a different storyline every week. However, this is the time that most NBA general managers make their money. The evaluation period begins as soon as the season begins and even more so as tournament time comes up. The Cleveland Cavaliers will definitely be involved in this process.

They are currently on a two-game winning streak after previously winning six. However, it is looking as if they will be spending another year in the lottery. The team still has many voids and will try to address them through the draft. Parker could possibly be the most NBA-ready No. 3, while Wiggins is possibly still a few years away as a contributing No. 2. Here are some of the players the Cavaliers should target in the draft:

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5. Jabari Parker - Duke - SF/PF

Jabari Parker
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Jabari Parker is proclaimed as one of the most NBA-ready players that will be in the draft. His size and athleticism has been compared to Lebron James. He has a quick explosion to the hole and as Kevin Harlan would say, “No regard for human life.” He still needs to work on his jump shot, but that will come with experience. Parker has the potential to go No. 1 overall if he keeps up his level of play. He is averaging 19 ppg and nine rebounds.

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4. Doug McDermott - Creighton PF/SF

Doug McDermott
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Doug McDermott is having one of the best seasons of any player in the NCAA this year. The sharp shooter out of Creighton is shooting .443 from three-point land. Many analysts are comparing him to Larry Bird, however, he seems more like a poor man’s Dirk Nowitzki. He doesn’t have the height and length of Dirk, but his shooting stroke and ability to drive strong on either side, make the comparison factual. The Cavaliers have needed a pure shooter for years and McDermott would fill that void immediately. He is averaging 26 ppg and seven rebounds.

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3. Joel Embiid Kansas - C

Joel Embiid
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Joel Embiid is one of the many surprises of the NCAA this year. There was not much originally known about the big man out of Cameroon, especially with all of the hype surrounding Andrew Wiggins. Embiid is a defensive force in the middle and intimidates all shooters who dare to come inside. He is very raw with his post up skills and shot-making ability. He will likely be used in the same way DeAndre Jordan and Tyson Chandler are used. His athleticism is what makes him attractive. He is averaging 11 ppg and only eight rebounds.

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2. Marcus Smart - Oklahoma State - SG/PG

Marcus Smart
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Marcus Smart has the most upside out of any of the players. He is the closest thing to Dwayne Wade coming out of the draft. He has the ability to drive to the basket at will and sometimes plays with a chip on his shoulder. One of the things he must work on are some of the mental issues he has. He sometimes lets other players get into his head, and it has a negative effect on his game. He would fill the void at No. 2 for the Cavaliers. Smart is averaging 17.4 ppg along with four assists.

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1. Tyler Ennis - Syracuse - PG

Tyler Ennis
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Tyler Ennis is the biggest surprise of the season in the NCAA. C.J. Fair was supposed to be the star of the team, but Ennis was not having any of it. He is a quick guard that can either slash to the basket or take it outside for a three-point shot. He is one of the best passers in the ACC and loves clutch moments. Mike Brown is currently using Jarrett Jack as the point guard and Kyrie Irving as the off guard. If drafted, Ennis would be the pure point guard the Cavaliers need. He is averaging 12 ppg and five assists.