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2014 NBA Draft: 5 Players the Philadelphia 76ers Should Target

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NBA Draft 2014: 5 Players the Philadelphia 76ers Should Target

2014 NBA Draft
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The Philadelphia 76ers' season can't end soon enough. They are in the middle of their worst losing streak since the 1996-97 season when the recently retired Allen Iverson was in his rookie campaign.

In short words it's been a while since the Sixers have been this bad. The losing streak is currently at a whopping 13 games, including 12 straight at the Wells Fargo Center. "Re-building" is a generous word for what is going on in Philadelphia.

Truth be told this is what new Sixers general manager Sam Hinkie had in mind all along. Once Sixers owner Josh Harris cleaned house of everyone including the old coach and general manager it was time to start over. The Andrew Bynum trade was an unmitigated disaster and the reset button needed to be hit from the top down.

Hinkie made no bones about his intentions when he traded the team's best player Jrue Holiday for an injured center in Nerlens Noel and a lottery protected first round pick in 2014. This effort was further strengthened when Hinkie unloaded two of the only remaining proven veterans on the team in Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes for nothing more than second round picks.

People who think tanking is no longer a thing in the NBA look no further than this organization. It is clear their focus is on the 2014 draft and beyond. Right now this is one of the worst rosters in recent memory that has been assembled to play 5-on-5 basketball.

Hinkie hopes it is a necessary evil. Because despite all this the future looks bright. The Sixers are armed with the presumed rookie of the year in Michael Carter-Williams, a lottery talent in Noel who has yet to be showcased, and two high lottery picks in a stacked draft class. We could be looking at three brand new highly talented toys for head coach Brett Brown and his staff to play with come next fall.

Until then the long and arduous wait continues. Let's take a look at five players the Philadelphia 76ers should target in the 2014 NBA Draft.

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Doug McDermott

Doug Mcdermott Sixers
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Doug McDermott can simply score the basketball. Inside, outside he can do it all. The Sixers certainly could use scoring at any position on the floor. If he is available with the pick the Sixers acquired from the Pelicans Sam Hinkie should pull the trigger on this do it all forward.

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Gary Harris

Garry Harris Philadelphia 76ers
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Gary Harris is exactly the type of player Brett Brown likes. He can defend and he can shoot the three. Two attributes key in a successful two guard. Brown is a Greg Popovich disciple and those two things are stressed over and over. Shoot and defend. Harris can do both and if he is around late in the top 10 when the Sixers pick again I see the Sixers being very tempted in the talented guard.

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Julius Randle

Julius Randle Philadelphia 76ers
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Depending on how the lottery shakes out Julius Randle would be a heck of a selection for the Philadelphia 76ers. If lady luck isn't on the Sixers side and they slide down to third or fourth in the lottery and guys like Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker are gone this is a no-brainer. Randle is a bully inside and also has a perimeter game. It's been a long time since the Sixers have had a dominant presence down low and Randle could give them that.

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Andrew Wiggins

Andrew Wiggins Philadelphia 76ers
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Andrew Wiggins is a tantalizing talent who should have Sixers general manager Sam Hinkie salivating. Right now he is already an ace defender and is lethal in the transition game. What he is still developing is a solid offensive repertoire. If it finally does come though watch out. This kid could have the highest ceiling in the draft and the Sixers would be fortunate to grab him.

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Jabari Parker

Jabari Parker Philadelphia 76ers
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What can't you say about Jabari Parker? He is simply the most impressive freshman wing since Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Durant dominated college basketball. Parker is displaying it all offensively as a freshman. A post game, a perimeter game and even the ability to finish on the break. There are some concerns about his weight, and defensive prowess, but I believe in the right conditioning program those will be answered. Parker is pro ready right now. The Sixers -- should they land him -- will have found themselves their first true franchise player since the great Allen Iverson.