Ben Gordon Slowly on His Way Out of Charlotte

By danielcarney
Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Though we can’t be 100 percent sure it will go through, all sources are pointing to Ben Gordon‘s expiring contract being bought out by the Charlotte Bobcats. This matter shouldn’t be the slightest surprise to fans after the Cats traded for the Milwaukee Bucks‘ Gary Neal and Luke Ridinour at the deadline. The trade signaled that Gordon isn’t part of the plan for Charlotte’s hopeful 2014 playoff run.

The hopeful buyout will make Gordon a free agent and give him the ability to sign with any team who shows interest. At 30 years old and clearly lacking any contributing factor to the Bobcats, it’s clear that Gordon never has evolved into the teams structure. Amidst the worst NBA season of his career it isn’t a shock that Michael Jordan wants nothing to do with the washed up shooting guard.

Throw in the ridiculous $13.3 million hes supposed to earn, and you have yourself one of the main reason Bobcats nation want the four, and you can see directly why his time in Charlotte has been forgettable. Walker has been arguably the biggest star for the Cats this season (along with Al Jefferson) and a 14 minute per game scrub (Gordon) is still getting payed about $11 million more stacks of moolah. Gordon is averaging just 5.3 points (14.7 minutes  average) in a total of 19 games played this season, and went the entire month of January with just one game played. He wasn’t legitiamatley injured at any point in that month.

If it’s clear he doesn’t fit into the team’s immediate plans for the season, where could Gordon possibly land if he is ultimately bought out? A team with a hole in the back court would most definitely interest the former Chicago Bull due to his limited floor time so far this year, but will he land with a playoff contender? Gordon offers a solid offensive upside when given the right time to display his skill set.

Would teams like the Toronto Raptors, Oklahoma City Thunder, Houston Rockets or even the defending champion Miami Heat rise as landing spots for the struggling guard? Only time will tell. Sooner or later, a deal must be put into place from the Bobcats’ organization, or they will be wasting more and more money on Gordon as every day slowly passes.

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