Kevin McHale In Line With NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, Wants Age-Limit Raised

Kevin Mchale Adam Silver

Brace Hemmelgarn – USA Today Sports Images

Since taking over as NBA Commissioner on Feb.1, Adam Silver has done anything but shy away from the big questions facing the Association. Whether it be tanking, length of schedule, or a number of other things, Silvers has been ready to meet the issue head on and work for a solution.

One of the things that he’s actually been most vocal about since taking over for David Stern is his plight to have the minimum age-limit be raised to help improve the quality of the players when they enter the NBA. Silver has been around the league long enough to see the limit raised to not allow high school players to enter the draft anymore.

While numerous people have said that they share Silver’s opinions on the matter of an age-limit in the league, Silver’s go-getter approach since taking office has brought along a number of new supporters of the idea. The most recent support of raising the age-limit has come from Houston Rockets head coach Kevin McHale.

When asked by Sam Amick of USA Today Sports, McHale didn’t mince words about the matter, saying, “I’m totally against it.” McHale also added that he didn’t think that the one-and-done players entering the league were ready and fully able to “prosper” as the rules currently stand and that he would like to see the NBA raise the age-limit to 21 years old or three years out of high school.

As Amick notes, McHale can offer a perspective on the matter that’s unique due to his experiences in the NBA. McHale stayed in college for four years before entering the NBA for a Hall of Fame career, but he has also been around the league as an executive and head coach to watch player development from that standpoint.

It’ll be interesting to see where Silver plans to go with the age-limit moving forward and how quickly he intends to act upon it. The idea has long been debated in NBA circles and it’s undoubtedly a divisive issue. We’ll see if we end up with a rule similar to what McHale wants to see happen or if there are still compromises to be made.

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