Miami Heat Rumors: Carmelo Anthony Joining Big Three Would Be An Awful Idea

By Jared Doyle
Carmelo Anthony joining forces with the Heat's Big Three is a terrible idea.
Steve Mitchell – USA Today Sports

The Miami Heat have been on fire recently. They not only finished the month of February with a sterling 10-1 record, but they are now just one loss away from matching the league’s best record held by the Indiana Pacers.

Because of this torrid pace the Heat have been on, many soon-to-be free agents this summer have already been linked to the two-time defending champions. One player in particular has been blowing up the rumor mill in terms of his next potential landing spot, and that is Carmelo Anthony.

It stands to reason that if Anthony wanted to join forces with LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami, all four players could take enough of a pay cut to make it happen. With Pat Riley behind the wheel, anything is possible. The real question here is, would Anthony’s addition to the Heats’ roster be beneficial? The answer is a resounding no.

Anthony is one of the league’s best offensive players, there is no denying him that. Because of his ridiculous offensive abilities, Anthony has a tendency to be a slight ball-hog, and this mentality goes against everything the Heat organization stands for. The reason the Heats’ Big Three has been so successful together is because each member has adjusted their respective games enough to be truly beneficial for the team as a whole.

Although the points per game averages for James, Wade and Bosh has gone down significantly since joining forces, their shooting efficiencies have gone through the roof. This current Heat team could also go down as one of the most efficient shooting teams of all-time in an NBA regular season and are playing some of the best team basketball we have ever seen.

Do you think they could sustain this type of efficiency with Anthony jacking up 15-20 shot attempts a night out of rhythm? Highly doubt it. Anthony joining forces with the Heats’ Big Three is a terrible idea, and hopefully one that Riley and the rest of the Heat organization wont think twice about.

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