Philadelphia 76ers Fail To Show Up in Dismal Second Half vs. Orlando Magic

By Kevin Davidson
Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Things have been tough in Philadelphia; well, I should say tougher than usual. Apart from being in the middle of one of the worst winters in history, the city now has to deal with the Philadelphia 76ers. It just does not make any sense to me; last year was supposed to be the year that they were going to stink. I mean, they were getting letters from the NBA saying that they could not tank the year just to get a higher draft pick. Instead, they had a decent year and now they are having one of their worst seasons ever.

Going into the game with the Orlando Magic, the 76ers had a record of 15-44. The first half was going pretty well for the 76ers as they were beating the Magic with Michael Carter-Williams leading the team with 14 points. It ultimately fell apart, though, as it has continued to do. The problem with the 76ers is that once one thing goes wrong, everything comes quickly falling down.

The team needs to regain their confidence and learn to change when things take a turn for the worst — which they often do. The other problem tonight was that their defense really failed to show up in the second half which gave the Magic enough breathing room to really work their passing game and start hitting shots from the outside. It seemed that the 76ers had no answer for the passing game and preferred to try and block shots instead of trying to regain possession. The 76ers need to come together as a team and learn to stay calm when the tide starts to turn.

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