San Antonio Spurs' Tony Parker Returns with Another Dagger for Dallas Mavericks

By Miotch
Tony Parker
Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Tony Parker had to return to the lineup for the San Antonio Spurs tonight. Parker had to return exactly when the Spurs were set to do battle with their archrival Dallas Mavericks. Parker had to come back at the opportune time when the Mavericks were desperately needing a win, and he had to crush any hopes that the Mavericks had of winning the game by hitting a clutch layup late in the 4th quarter.

Parker had to pull out that dagger. Four years and counting and the Mavericks have yet to win a game in San Antonio, so it was too fitting that Parker would return from an injury just in time to ruthlessly stab the Mavericks and the team’s fans in the heart with that dagger.

Mavericks fans know that dagger all too well. Sure, outside of Dallas, Parker has a reputation worldwide for being a really good guy (well, maybe if you’re not Eva Longoria) but Mavericks fans know Parker for the ruthless, mean, dagger-wielding assassin that he is. Parker doesn’t care that he has continually crushed the Mavericks fans’ hopes and dreams throughout the years. No, I bet he sadistically enjoys it.

For the Mavericks, though, it’s back to square one. Just when they appeared to be on the cusp of competing for the fourth or fifth spot in the Western Conference, the team is once again in a dogfight just to get into the playoffs. Mavericks fans, who were beginning to have high hopes, now feel betrayed and bewildered and, just like Longoria years ago, they have Parker to thank.

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