Miami Heat: LeBron James Reopens G.O.A.T. Talk With 61-Point Game

By Tyler
LeBron James 61 point game
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There is no denying that Miami Heat forward LeBron James is one of the best basketball players to have ever lived, but there is still great debate as to whether he will become the greatest of all time. Of course with a few more nights like the 61-point game that James racked up against the Charlotte Bobcats on Monday night the discussion will begin to tip in his favor rather quickly.

From start to finish it was exceptionally clear that James was going to have an electric night, as he scored 11 points in the first quarter and 13 more in the second quarter. After the halftime ended was when James really put on the show though, as in the third quarter he went five of five from three point land and 9-11 overall from the field to put up 25 more points. From there the rest was really icing on the cake, and the superstar ended the night 8-10 on three pointers, 22-33 overall from the field, totaled a career-high 61 points and left the world wondering just how dominant King James could end up being.

It is never a major surprise when James goes off for a night, but this was something special, and really will go down in history as a game that people look back on to argue why the superstar is the best ever. Nobody on the floor could keep him from scoring whether they were going to attempt to clog the lane, give up the mid-range jumper or simply say shoot the three.  Nothing was working in terms of stopping James with the ball all night, and it should be wondered whether anyone can really stop the Heat superstar.

What is more is that James’ dominance of the night is really indicative of who he is as a player, as he was stunningly efficient from the floor, yet wasn’t overbearing on the ball.  That he scored 61 points despite only taking 33 out of the 83 Heat field goal attempts on the night is something that tends to his reputation as a guy that puts up numbers without hogging the ball, a trait that one would never use to describe such legendary scorers as Carmelo Anthony, Allen Iverson, Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan.  Furthermore, James also contributed seven rebounds and five assists on the night, and in general displayed the dedication to help teammates and play defense that many would forget in the midst of a career night.

Moving into the future there is no doubting that James is going to end up with one of the best resumes of all time, and in fact he is already well on that way. After all, few players can match four NBA MVP Awards, 10 NBA All-Star Game appearances, two NBA All-Star Game MVP Awards, two NBA Final MVP Awards, two NBA Titles, five NBA All-Defensive First Team appearances, and career averages of 27.5 points, 7.2 rebounds and 6.9 assists per game. These are all numbers that make ones eyes nearly pop out of their heads, and it is crazy to think the guy is actually only 29 years of age.

The thing that will end up separating James from the rest aren’t his numbers, but his ability to amaze you by being a game-changing, dynamic and high-scoring force with the ball, and still being a world-class facilitator and defender at the same time. After all, if even in the midst of a 61-point game the guy can engage teammates in the game and to contribute defensively, then nothing will stop the guy from being effective on any given night. And that is precisely the reason why King James will ultimately go down as the greatest of all time.

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