New York Knicks Coach Mike Woodson Needs To Bench Raymond Felton

By Tom Passmore
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Raymond Felton is having one of the worst seasons of his career on and off of the court. Felton is averaging only 10 points a game and shooting 30 percent lower than he did a season ago, one of his best seasons as a pro. When Felton is right and hitting shots he can be a pretty good point guard.

Felton needs time to get his head and his mind right, so why don’t the New York Knicks just bench him the remainder of their games? The Knicks’ current backup since they have abandoned their two point guard set that was so critical for them last year is Pablo Prigioni. Prigioni at this point in time is a lot better than Felton.

Pablo is your prototypical pass-first point guard. The Knicks’ offense runs a lot better when Prigioni is in the game at this point in time.

The third string point guard is Toure Murry. Murry is a undrafted rookie who caught on with the Knicks out of training camp and has shown some flashes of being a talented point guard. Murry is the best defensively out of the three of the point guards as well.

One of the Knicks’ main problems this year has been defending opposing point guards. They seem to glide into the paint with ease and dish out 10 assists a game. Felton nor Prigioni have been able to stop these point guards, so why not give young Murry a shot?

Don’t get me wrong; Felton can be a solid NBA starter when his head is in the right spot, and I don’t believe he is overweight like people say. But let him come back next year and hopefully he’ll bounce back.

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