Andrew Bynum Launched Up Shots From Halfcourt, Mocked Assistant in Cleveland

By Cody Williams
Bynum Cavs Pacers
Brian Spurlock – USA Today Sports Images

Andrew Bynum has yet to play for the Indiana Pacers since the leaders in the Eastern Conference signed him. Bynum was traded to the Chicago Bulls from the Cleveland Cavaliers earlier this season and was subsequently waived after the trade, which allowed Indiana to sign the available big man.

If healthy—which he’s not right now—Bynum is capable of being a fantastic center off of the bench behind Roy Hibbert and aiding the Pacers in a postseason run towards a championship. However, there have still been questions about just what went wrong with Cleveland that resulted in a suspension, his fall from grace with the team, and him being traded.

In a recent interview with the Indianapolis Star, though, Bynum opened up a bit about what happened with the Cavaliers and, given his tumultuous history of poor behavior in this league, it’s somewhat unsurprising how things played out.

Upset by the lack of success that Cleveland was experiencing, Bynum started to act out internally. Bynum said that at one point he pulled up from midcourt to jack up a shot during practice, despite the fact that they were doing some simulated game-action type of work. Another time during a scrimmage, Bynum didn’t like a call that an assistant coach made and he mocked the coach by calling him a “horrible referee.” Bynum added did those things “on purpose because it was over there for me.”

Despite his apparent acting out in Cleveland, though, Bynum also talked about how coming to Indiana has him more focused and his only goal is to try and win a championship and contribute to that cause in any way that he can. Though Bynum still has much left to prove and it’d be nice to see him actually get on the floor, it seems that winning does indeed solve everything—at least for Bynum.

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