Houston Rockets Able To Cool Off Miami Heat, LeBron James

By Troy Dixon
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

This week, news in the sports world was again dominated by LeBron James thanks to his crazy game 61-point game against the Charlotte Bobcats. Should you hold it against LeBron that he achieved this against a less talented opponent? You probably shouldn’t, but it would certainly be more incredible if he accomplished it against a playoff-bound team.

On Tuesday, Miami’s opposition came in the form of Western Conference contender, the Houston Rockets. The Rockets aren’t statistically one of the league’s better defensive teams in points against this season, even though they are led by a former multi-time Defensive Player of the Year winner in Dwight Howard.

This performance just not destined to be of the same caliber as the prior. The Rockets defense looked airtight at points during the first three quarters. The recent emergence of guard Patrick Beverley on the defensive end really bolstered the Rockets on a few key possessions. The best way to describe him is like a tiny gnat that you keep swatting at your neck hoping to hit, but you just can’t get it and it won’t leave you alone.

A big run by Dwyane Wade and the Heat supporting cast in the fourth quarter really put the game back in reach for a push to the finale. When the final seconds were approaching and the Heat trailed by three, the ball was in James’ hands as expected. His 3-point field goal missed its mark unlike Monday, and his team fell short of their ninth consecutive win.

The Rockets have to be proud not only of the fact that they held the game’s best player to only 22 points, but also the output that they got from all five starters. Each guy reached double figures in points in at least 30 minutes of court time.

The aforementioned Beverley spearheaded this win by flying around the court defensively and shooting unbelievably well from behind the 3-point arc. For the second game in a row, he made five 3-pointers in leading the Rockets to a victory.

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