What is Steve Nash Trying to Prove With Los Angeles Lakers?

By Shane Phillips
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Nash was once a special player with a prominent career in the NBA. The way he distributed the ball reminded you of John Stockton, but the way he would dribble around the court and weave in and out of defenders like a mad man was his own unique attribute. For years, he dazzled the Phoenix Suns and Dallas Mavericks fans with his quick-paced game, lightening-fast passes and circus-shot layups. Nash was one of the best point guards in the league, if not history.

Now, Nash isn’t just a mere shell of himself, he will never be anything like himself again. Ever since joining the Los Angeles Lakers, Nash has spent more time in street cloths than he has in a jersey. With a long list of injuries plaguing him the last two seasons, Nash has missed a grand total of 83 out of 143 possible games. That number is likely to increase to 104 games missed as the Lakers announced that it was unlikely Nash would play in another game this season. Just more bad news for a team that had faced an uphill battle all year.

Once this season is complete, Nash will likely have missed 104 out of 164 games as a Laker; that is 63 percent of games missed and money wasted. Nash is making over $9 million this season and is set to make over $9 million next season. He also says he doesn’t plan on retiring. Oh, really Nash? You think that at the age of 40, you can still compete competitively against the best basketball players in the world? Even though you have missed 104 games the last two years? Looks like dementia is setting in real early for Nash.

I know that Nash doesn’t have a championship ring, but what is he trying to prove? He has absolutely no chance at winning a ring in LA this season and next year doesn’t look much better. Someone might be willing to sign him for the bare minimum, but they might not want to take the chance based on how many injuries he has had over the last two years.

If I’m the Lakers, I trying everything to get rid of Nash because he is not only a waste financially, but he is filling up a spot on the roster. If I’m Nash, I retire right now with some dignity. Yeah, you didn’t win a championship, but maybe you can get a coaching job somewhere and win one as a coach. The way I look at, Nash has no hope of getting a ring as a player and all he is doing right now is tarnishing a beautiful career. Quit while you’re ahead Nash, it looks better.

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