2014 NBA Draft: Milwaukee Bucks Should Pass On Noah Vonleh

By David Grant
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The Milwaukee Bucks are heading to the bottom of the league and top of the draft; meanwhile, Indiana freshman Noah Vonleh is starting to climb the lottery chart as well. Should the Bucks consider drafting Vonleh in the 2014 NBA Draft?

The reality is that Vonleh will not be a top three pick which is where the Bucks’ first pick will most likely be slotted. However, if the Bucks trade down or he slips to start of second round he may be on the board when Milwaukee selects again. Vonleh can rebound and has the type of body NBA scouts love to associate with potential and athleticism. Look beyond the rebounding and potential and there are a lot of questions. As a power forward you must be able to finish around the basket, and Vonleh does not have a grip on this yet. When he tries to make something happen, bad things often happen resulting in an awful assist to turnover rate (0.26). Scouts label Vonleh as a player with the athletic tools who lacks explosiveness and assertiveness. True, you can’t teach size, but you also can’t teach assertiveness. This is a red flag that tells me he may not be cut out for the NBA.

The good news for Vonleh is that age is on his side; at 19 years old he does have time to grow and learn if he chooses. The key will be finding the right coach and situation. The Bucks already have one young project (Giannis Antetokounmpo) and will probably draft another one in the first round. They got lucky with Antetokounmpo but don’t have the luxury of taking this risk in the first round. If Vonleh slips to the second round he would definitely be worth a look, but there are too many questions in this loaded draft to warrant Vonleh as a top ten pick.

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