Cleveland Cavaliers Must Prepare for Multiple Possibilities in 2014 NBA Draft

By kennethbrown
Brian Spurlock- USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers have been trying to rebuild through the draft, and with their season still without a finish line in sight, it’s important that they start to prepare for the possible outcomes. They could still get in to the playoffs, yet they could also still get lucky and be able to draft Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker.

If they finish as the mediocre franchise they currently are, then they should pursue none other than Rodney Hood. If they fall short of making the playoffs and do not get lucky in the lottery, Hood is still a very viable option. He’s good on the ball and could provide the scoring threat the Cavaliers lack.

The Cavaliers need a scoring threat, regardless of how they find it, but the draft may be the easiest way. They’re one long losing run and draft lottery luck away from being able to select Wiggins or Parker, who’d both transform this struggling franchise over night. The Cavaliers still believe they can get the playoffs. With a loaded draft they’ll be able to get a talented addition from anywhere in the first round, but they will be keeping their eyes locked on Parker and Wiggins.

Who would you draft for the Cavaliers, and do you think there’s any chance of them landing Parker or Wiggins? The excitement is building and Cleveland may be one player away from becoming a stable playoff team. They better prepare for the many potential outcomes of selecting from this year’s talented draft class.

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