LeBron James Returning to Cleveland on Saturday Could Foreshadow Free Agency This Summer

By kennethbrown
Troy Taormina- USA TODAY Sports

With free agency months away, the speculation of LeBron James returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers is going through the roof. And with him returning this Saturday, it’s likely to be discussed all the more. The superstar is returning to see his former teammate and friend, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, have his No. 11 jersey retired. Could LeBron use this Saturday to help make his 2014 free agency decision to return Cleveland this summer?

LeBron played alongside his dear friend for eight seasons, so it’s evident that he would want to be at the monumental occasion. And with him having a rare off day, there appears to be no reason to avoid it. Some have stated they’re worried that LeBron will take away from the special occasion, but that shouldn’t be the case if little is said about his presence.

Perhaps a visit with old and new friends this Saturday may make an impact on his decision, and maybe the next time he is in the Cavaliers’ arena he could be wearing the No. 23 jersey that was adored so much during his time in Cleveland.

The Cavaliers are struggling this season, and this day could provide a welcome distraction for the fans and players. The fans will be in good spirits regardless as they’re bound to see old and new faces. This Saturday may be about Zydrunas, but come this summer we could find out that it was an important date in LeBron deciding to come home and play for the Cavaliers once again.

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