Charlotte Bobcats: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist's Production Needs To Be More Efficient

By danielcarney
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There is nothing better than bouncing back tremendously from intense adversity, and that is something former second-overall pick Michael Kidd-Gilchrist showed the entire NBA world Tuesday night.

After coming off of possibly the worst defensive game of his young career (allowing a significant amount of LeBron James‘s 61 points ), MKG bounced back tremendously for the Charlotte Bobcats, forcing All-Star forward Paul George to his worst statistical night in his entire career (two points total).

Though rising up exceptionally from doubt and criticism is nice, it has become apparent that Kidd-Gilchrist needs to adopt a more consistent plan. You can’t keep up letting big performances past you and then responding just a game later. There should always be a drive to shut down whoever is in front of you, even if it is LeBron or Carmelo Anthony.

This doesn’t just go back to a defensive game. Rather, this also translates to MKG’s unpolished scoring and rebounding efforts from game to game. Fans have made it apparent that they are on their last leg with MKG if better, more consistent production doesn’t come soon. Though he might show signs of being an elite defender in the near future, it is extremely clear that his game needs to improve in all categories.

The starting forward’s stats are never appealing to Bobcats fans simply do to the fact that he is not producing the numbers that a second overall pick should produce. To be honest, MKG wasn’t even supposed to be pick that high, but with the Cats’ horrible drafting strategy, they chose to take the talented SF ahead of other great options.

This isn’t necessarily trying to shoot down Kidd-Gilchrist, rather to address the inefficiencies that must be fixed for a him to have a bright future in the Queen City.

He does have to guard the best players every night. Not only is he struggling to play solid defense night in and night out, but he is also a non-factor on offense as of late. It has become apparent that he alters the spacing on the offensive end and accumulates a lot of fouls every single game.

Though he brings an always intense effort and a surplus of heart, its clear his issues must be conquered soon if he wants to truly shine. You can’t call him a bust yet, but if no signs of improvement on each side of the ball are made soon, the fan support for MKG will only start to plummet.

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