Chicago Bulls Announcer Believes Derrick Rose Will Play This Season; Is He Right?

By Courtney Harden
Chicago Bulls: Bulls Announcer Is Confident Derrick Rose Will Be Back This Season
Matt Marton – USA TODAY Sports

The name Derrick Rose hasn’t been discussed in a very long time. The Chicago Bulls star point guard has kept himself out of the spotlight and behind the scenes ever since he injured his knee. You might see him on the Bulls’ bench in street clothes for most of the games, but he is not talking to the media. The Bulls already have ruled him out for the season, but there is one man who has a gut feeling Rose will be back before the end of the season.

That man is the Bulls’ play-by-play announcer, Neil Funk. Funk thinks Rose will come back because he sees him on a day-to-day basis and said this is not the only time he felt this way. He sees Rose shooting jump shots before games all the time, and Rose is not leading anyone on that he is coming back. This is just a strong assumption and opinion on Funk’s behalf.

If Rose was to come back at any time this season, his minutes would be monitored very closely. He would have to be 100 percent physically and mentally to go out on the court and perform at a very high level. He was just rounding himself into top form before he injured the knee. He hasn’t given any thought of coming back this season because this time around, he is taking it one step at a time.

Funk’s comments should have Bulls’ fans excited. If this all comes true and Rose suits up for the playoffs, you heard it first from the Bulls’ announcer. Just don’t hold your breath on this happening.

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