Chicago Bulls Rumors: Derrick Rose Willing To Recruit Carmelo Anthony, Gives Free Agent Talk Relevance

By Jacob Kornhauser
Derrick Rose
Dennis Wierzbickl – USA Today Sports

As reports have surfaced that Chicago Bulls All-Star point guard Derrick Rose wants superstar Carmelo Anthony in the Windy City next season, the Bulls’ chances of signing him gain steam. Rose has said that he’s willing to recruit Anthony if need be, which is something he’s said publicly several times that he wouldn’t do. Perhaps now, Rose sees the Bulls’ chance to land a key piece to the championship puzzle.

This is all assuming that Rose comes back healthy next season, which isn’t the smartest thing to assume. If the Bulls were able to sign Anthony, they would likely have to trade forward Taj Gibson, which management may be reluctant to do. However, now that Rose has joined fellow All-Star Joakim Noah in publicly endorsing Anthony coming to the Bulls, the chances of the Bulls actually signing him seem much better.

Of course, good management should always take their employees’ opinions into account at least some of the time. When running a basketball franchise, that’s even more important. The management team of Gar Forman and John Paxson would be wise to listen to their two biggest stars as they endorse a third.

Adding Anthony would instantly make the Bulls one of, if not the best team in the East as they would have solid defense as always, two players who could create their own shots and a developing Jimmy Butler who could be a wild card. Who would start at forward is somewhat unknown since current forwards Carlos Boozer and Gibson would likely have to be cut/moved in order to make room for Anthony.

Anthony’s relative lack of defense is a concern to potential suitors, but if there’s any coach who can get him to play defense, it’s defensive guru Tom Thibodeau. If Anthony truly cares about winning and not about the money, he will have to seriously consider Chicago. They’re the only interested team that could pay him the maximum (other than the Knicks who can pay him more because he’s currently on the roster) and give him a chance to win championships right away.

While the Anthony to Chicago talk hardly began today, it gained serious steam when Rose, the face of the franchise, changed his mind about recruiting players. He and most of the other Bulls realize that adding Anthony would make them capable of competing for championships. It’s that allure that could make Anthony a Bull this summer.

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