Los Angeles Lakers Need New Future Plan After Blowout Loss

By RantSports Staff
Los Angeles Clippers v Los Angeles Lakers
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If there’s anything that will (or should) spur action among the Los Angeles Lakers’ brass, it’s a 48-point loss to their crosstown rivals, the Los Angeles Clippers. In their last two meetings with the “little brother” of L.A., the Lakers have suffered two losses by a combined 84 points. Yes, you read that right; it’s not a typo. So basically, Mitch Kupchak and company need to get their rears in gear.

No, banking on Carmelo Anthony signing with the Lakers absolutely cannot be the game plan. Could that happen? Sure, but it’s certainly not guaranteed and if the Lakers just bank on that, they’ll be in just as bad of shape this time next year, if not worse.

Obviously, Kobe Bryant’s health is the biggest variable, but the Lakers need to just plan on a future without him. Even if he’s able to play the next two years, he’s not going to carry them to another title. He’s simply too far past his prime to do that at this point and even if he’s paired with another selfish ballhog like Melo, nothing will change for the Lakers.

Kupchak and company should have made trades this year when they had the chance. There’s absolutely no reason why Pau Gasol is still on this team when the Lakers could have freed up cap space for the summer. Of course, they already have a ton of cap space to use, but they need a backup plan for young, quality starters and depth that doesn’t include Melo.

If we learned anything about the Lakers in that blowout loss to the Clippers, it’s that the current Lakers situation won’t fly much longer.

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