New York Knicks: Fan Protest Set To Hit MSG Won't Change Anything

By Luis Tirado Jr.
James Dolan
Chris Trotman/Staff (Getty Images)

Fans of the New York Knicks have started to become dreary. The latest incarnation of this basketball team has angered the majority of the fanbase so much to the point that a protest is in the works. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen; fans are resorting to old school tactics to get their message across to the masses. Their issues stem from players wearing a Knicks uniform playing professional basketball with no heart or desire to win. They are upset that the franchise isn’t going in a direction that stemmed from their success last year that saw the Knicks actually be competitive and enter the NBA playoffs with a purpose.

Knicks fans all across the city that never sleeps plan to protest in front of Madison Square Garden on Mar. 19 when they take on the Indiana Pacers. The root of it all according to the diehard Knicks fans running the event put blame and accountability solely on owner James Dolan.

This protest is being organized by a group call “Knicks Fans For Life” that plan to adorn picket signs, chants and propaganda based on Dolan leaving the organization once and for all. Claiming he doesn’t have a winning mentality when running the Knicks, this special group wants to open the eyes of all fans in attendance to not have any fans actually physically attend this basketball game between both teams.

To get the message across to prove that Dolan is a fool and incapable of running this franchise to an NBA championship, this special group is actually going about it the wrong way. You want to send a message to the Knicks that enough is enough? It’s actually quite easy to do when you truly think about it.

Stop attending games. Stop watching the Knicks on television. Stop listening to Knicks games on sports radio. Don’t even visit their team website anymore; in fact, delete the bookmark. That’s how you send a clear message across.

A protest outside Madison Square Garden isn’t going to change a single thing. Dolan would simply shrug it off and smile as he continues to do as he sees fit with the Knicks. The truth of the matter is, no matter how big a protest is, Dolan will continue running this team at the end of the day.

Whether you choose to be a fan of the Knicks or not is completely up to you. They do say in life, though, that great things are worth waiting for. Question is, how long do you plan to wait for the Knicks to raise an NBA trophy again?

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