29 Is More Than Just A Number To The Charlotte Bobcats

By danielcarney
Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Do 29 wins sound all that appealing to most NBA fans? Probably not. But what does the specific 29 win total mean to the Charlotte Bobcats after defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers 101-92 on Friday night? Change.

What if I told you that the Cats just beat the win total compiled over the last two seasons? You would have to agree, because it is only truth.

The Bobcats completed the worst NBA record of all time during the 2011-12 season after finishing the year with an appalling record of 7-59 (shortened 66 game season after lockout). This was the worst winning percentage in league history, beating out the 72-73 Philadelphia 76ers.

Backtrack to last season with a horrendous start to the Mike Dunlap era, wait should I even call it an era? Call it the Dunlap one and done! Limited improvement was seen in the 2012-13 season, as the Cats went on to finish with yet another record. Last season ended with a horrendous 21-61 finish, the second worst record in the entire NBA.

Take the past two seasons’ win totals and add them up. You can’t mess up this math problem! 21 plus 7 equals 28. The Bobcats won their 29th game of the 2013-14 season tonight.”Wow, are you kidding me man?” No, no I am not. This is a legitimate stat that speaks volumes to Charlotte’s improvement during this new “Steve Clifford era” (if you want to put it at that).

This refueled, heart filled, and playoff bound roster clearly is the best Bobcats team of all time. You could try and argue for the 2010 playoff team, but at the end of the day with the Al Jefferson/Kemba Walker combo, it out rights the Gerald Wallace and D.J. Augustin duo. When your team has only been around 10 years, a record that  is four games under .500 could possibly be the best team ever in the franchise’s existence! The Cats have never been a team built for top playoff competition.

If the Cats keep climbing and moving up in the East, then we could be looking not only at the best team in Bobcats history, but a team that could possibly get past the first round if the Miami Heat or Indiana Pacers don’t give them any trouble if they stay a bottom seed. Wait, didn’t the Cats beat the Pacers by 22 a couple of nights ago? You bet. There’s not a chance the past two rosters in Bobcats history could have pulled off a win like that.

Change has come to Charlotte, and that chance is the development of a successful roster for the long run.

Daniel Carney covers the Charlotte Bobcats for RantSports.com. You can follow him on Twitter @dan_jcarney, subscribe to him on YouTube where he talks sports, and add him on Google+.

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