New York Knicks’ NBA Playoff Chances Higher Than Most

Carmelo Anthony

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The New York Knicks currently stand a few spots away from the playoff picture, but their dismal efforts for most of the season make it appear that the Knicks’ chances of reaching the postseason are unlikely. However, their recent wins against the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Utah Jazz may help ignite the team’s momentum into the decisive month of March.

Regardless of the antics on and off the court that may have disrupted the team’s chemistry this season, the Knicks still have a legitimate chance of entering the playoffs.

Per, the Knicks ranks in 28th place for remaining strength of schedule. In other words, for the remainder of the season, New York will face teams with a combined winning percentage that is lower than 27 of the 30 teams’ schedules in the NBA.

Despite being three spots below the eighth and final playoff seed, the 11th-place Knicks have potential to increase their two-game win streak when they face the 10th-place Cleveland Cavaliers, which are currently in a three-game losing streak.  The ninth-place Detroit Pistons have lost two consecutive games and the eighth-place Atlanta Hawks have lost five straight games so far.  These three teams all rank above New York for strength of schedule.

With Carmelo Anthony’s dependable scoring and now Tyson Chandler‘s resurging rebounding performances, the Knicks build their momentum as they will play in nine of the 11 games this month versus opponents with a record below the .500 mark.  Statistics prove that the road to the postseason is more within reach compared to the remaining schedules of the Hawks, Pistons and Cavaliers.

However, the Knicks will need to rely on their own strengths rather than mathematics in order to achieve a ticket into the playoffs.

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  • KnicksFan

    I am a pro-Knicks fan and want to believe in their chances too. But TIM, you need to do a little more research. First, knicks have 5-6 more losses than the teams ahead of them. That’s a lot of losing that the other teams have to do ( even if Knicks win). Also their April schedule looks a little tough. Atlanta almost beat the Clippers last night. Whats the Home and away schedule for each team ahead of the knicks?
    Amare’s health over next 20 games would still keep me worried.Melo, Chandler, and JR seem locked in and even Felton seems more focused. ..Lets hope they play hard, and play with pride, and make a run at it, but if you’re doing a blog, we deserve a little more homework than just a single stat ” strength of schedule”