Oklahoma City Thunder's Fatigue Shows in Loss to Los Angeles Lakers

By kennethbrown
Kevin Durant
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Things could not be any different for the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers are used to winning, but this season they’ve done everything but win. The Thunder have become accustomed to winning and winning in style. With this in mind it was easy to think, despite the Lakers’ home-court advantage, the Thunder would dominate throughout, but the game panned out differently than many had projected with the Lakers winning 114-110

The Thunder dominated through the early stages and had a double-digit lead, but as they looked set to inflict a horrific scoreline on the Lakers things changed. The Lakers not only became competitive, but they eventually took a bigger lead than the Thunder had originally, much to the shock of the Lakers’ fans. With the Lakers up by 18 points in the fourth, they never looked like throwing such a lead away, especially at home. But if any team was capable of mounting such a comeback it would of been the Thunder, so the Lakers were careful.

The Lakers were exceptional, but it’s easy to argue the Thunder are feeling the long, hard season they’ve endured. The Thunder have often stuck to their core of starters and bench players, and with the playoffs fast approaching, it’s understandable that the players are tired and could use a rest. Perhaps towards the end of the season they will get the much-needed rest, but if not they could suffer playoff embarrassment. The Lakers are looking to continue building, and it seems with Jodie Meeks dropping 42 points he is very much going to remain a part of their plans.

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