Boston Celtics Playing Their Best of the Season

By Michael LeDuc
Rajon Rondo
Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Celtics own an embarrassing record of 22-41 and find themselves in the bottom of the league. Of course, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing considering how deep the upcoming draft is. The Celtics should be in tank mode and need a high-draft pick. However, Boston has played outstanding basketball as of late, and it shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Sometimes it’s okay to put the tanking on hold for a couple games. It can be refreshing to see the team perform on a high level and show the skills they’ve developed. It is especially important to evaluate which players will be part of the future. The Celtics beat the Brooklyn Nets on Friday 91-84. The team played together on offense, held their own on defense, and out-rebounded the Nets 51-28. Yesterday, the Celtics were able to fend off the Detroit Pistons 118-111. The Celtics’ offense ran smoothly and the scoring was even throughout the lineup.

Two players who have performed particularly impressive in the last two games are Rajon Rondo and Jeff Green. Against Brooklyn, Rondo scored 20 points on 6-of-14 from the field, with seven rebounds, nine assists and four steals. He controlled the offensive tempo and was stellar on the defensive end. In the win against Detroit, Rondo had a rough night from the field; he went 5-of-15 with only 11 points. However, his 18 assists fueled the Celtics’ offense and led them to victory. Rondo is certainly returning to form, and this is only the beginning.

Green seems to have found an excellent rhythm with Rondo. He had an efficient offensive night against Brooklyn with 15 points on 6-of-11 from the field. Against Detroit, Green had a monstrous game, with 27 points while going 11-of-19 from the field. He and Rondo are starting to form a brilliant connection. Maybe Rondo can get the best out of Green and help him come out of his shell; that would be extremely beneficial for Boston.

It was nice to see the Celtics play on a high level and show what they are capable of, but the fun is over and it is imperative to get back to the task at hand — losing games. Winning the lottery is far more important than the record right now.

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