Phil Jackson All But Guarantees Carmelo Anthony's Return to New York Knicks

By Shane Phillips
Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports
Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Although I am a bit hesitant to buy into any report or article that used an unnamed source as a point of information, I will go along with the ESPN story reporting that Phil Jackson has accepted a front office position with the New York Knicks.Unnamed sources worry me because they either aren’t telling the truth, or there is some trouble to go along with the story. In the case of Jackson and the Knicks, I highly doubt there is a danger factor in this story, so I am instinctively obligated to go with it is not true. However, Chirs Broussard seems like an honest and trustworthy reporter, so I will assume Jackson has joined or will join the Knicks.

The deal is reported to give the “Zen Master” control over the entire front office with Steve Mills handing over the reigns, but he will remain with the team. Even with possibility of LeBron James becoming a free agent, this may be the story of the NBA offseason. Jackson is known as one of the best coaches to ever live; in his 20 season as an NBA skipper, he has won 11 championships, as well as three three-peats. If there is one man, one person that can make a viable organization out of the Knicks, that is Jackson.

With Jackson apparently set to join the team, where does that leave Carmelo Anthony? The star forward is set to become a free agent this offseason, and has made no clear plan of staying in the Big Apple. As for Anthony’s involvement with Jackson’s signing, he has said a number of times that he knows nothing about the situation.

In one sense, I cannot see Anthony leaving the Knicks with Jackson in the front office. The man is a pure legend and any player would die to play for him, or for the same organization. However, on the other hand, I can see why Anthony might pack his bags and leave. He came out earlier this year and said that he would be open to taking a pay cut if he stayed with the Knicks. With that type of verbal commitment and the importance he carries to the team, you would think New York might keep him up to date on the latest news. Don’t they want Anthony to re-sign?

Once Jackson officially joins the Knicks, I am 95 percent confident that Anthony will re-sign with New York. He would be crazy to pass up that opportunity, but there is the chance that he is a little bitter from not being brought in on the situation. That will subside over time with the combination of money and winning. New York has taken a big step in the right direction, and have put themselves in strong positioning to re-sign Anthony.

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