Cleveland Cavaliers Quite Possibly Tanking for Jabari Parker

By kennethbrown
David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images

It’s been noted that the 2014 NBA Draft is loaded with supreme talent, and many teams would love to grab one of the projected top ten pick. But would a team, the Cleveland Cavaliers perhaps, lose on purpose to have a shot at landing star prospect Jabari Parker or Andrew Wiggins? The Cavaliers have been labelled lazy and criticized for a lack of effort this season, including by coach Mike Brown. Other struggling teams have been so bad that it seems possible they are just looking at increasing their draft odds, but are the Cavaliers doing so or are they really that bad?

Of all the NBA teams, the Cavaliers understand the full implications of the draft. They’ve drafted superstars like LeBron James and Kyrie Irving, and even their latest first rounder was Anthony Bennett who has been a bust. The Cavaliers know their team is young and talented, but it’s evidently missing a star player or two, so one more poor season would provide a fantastic opportunity to easily upgrade their struggling team.

The Cavaliers have indeed been poor, aside from the odd magical moment in an otherwise dull season. It’s not a nice thought that a team could give up a season for a player, but it is possible.

Who’s to say it isn’t a combination? They may be a bad team that isn’t giving 100 percent every night, but if they drafted Parker or signed James in free agency, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them up their game suddenly. How will the Cavaliers finish the season, and do you think they’re aiming for the playoffs or one final failure to reap the rewards from?

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