Man With Gaudy LeBron James Tattoo Poses With Ashamed LeBron James

By Connor Muldowney
LeBron James
Getty Images

We all know that one person with a really, really bad tattoo. Heck, there’s even a show called Tattoo Nightmares that is all about people who have inked some extremely embarrassing tattoos and they are trying to get them fixed while telling their story. Well, this guy with a LeBron James tattoo across his entire back should be the next one to be featured on that show.

Check out this ridiculously gaudy tattoo of the Miami Heat star on his back and tell me what you think:

If you’re wondering who the tall tattooed man next to the guy with the back tattoo is, wonder no further — it’s LeBron himself. Also, yes, he does look quite ashamed of the giant back tattoo that some man stupidly decided to cover himself with.

Taking a picture with your head down with a fan who apparently made it his life’s mission to meet you has to mean that you are slightly embarrassed.

I mean, is it weird that a man who has never met LeBron before and never once talked to him has a tattoo of King James across his entire back? The day we are judged for getting another man who we’ve never met tattooed across our body is the day I give up on society. Oh wait, that is really, really weird.

Okay, so I don’t blame LeBron for being a big embarrassed, but probably flattered, by this fan’s tattoo.

What’s the worst part of this picture? LeBron’s expression or the fact that it says “Only God’s Love is Everlasting” right above the LeBron portrait? Weird.

Live on, weird guy.

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