Carmelo Anthony Plans to Talk with Phil Jackson About New York Knicks' Future

By Ken Scudero
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Knicks haven’t given Carmelo Anthony many reasons to re-sign a long-term deal this offseason. With the inability to make a move before the NBA trade deadline and a lack of heart from the team, the Knicks have been pushing Anthony further and further away. It’s evident with the way the Knicks have been managed that Carmelo would be smart to test free agency in July. But now Phil Jackson is on board. That changes everything, in a sense.

Al Iannazzone from Newsday tweeted this afternoon with direct statements from Carmelo regarding Jackson and the future of the Knicks.

This isn’t a surprise and it’s just something for Carmelo to take into account when weighing his options during the offseason. The Knicks have come on of late and they’ve looked good against sub .500 teams. These are the games that they should win easily, and for five games in a row they’ve kept up their part of the bargain. But it’s still rather late to play good basketball since the Knicks have played horrific for most of the season.

Phil Jackson’s words alone could convince Anthony to stay in New York for the long haul. Jackson has taken this job, so he obviously has a plan for the future of the team. If Anthony isn’t convinced or doesn’t feel comfortable with Jackson’s plan then his decision is already made for him. But I highly doubt that happens. For Jackson to take this job, I’m sure he has a championship-caliber blueprint he wants to bring to life in New York. With total control of basketball operations, Jackson has the power to make this a championship team.

Iannazzone also tweeted another statement from Carmelo which made it clear that Melo still has hope in the Knicks franchise.

I believe Carmelo is being honest. He will speak with Jackson when he gets the chance, and he will have an idea of where the franchise is going in regards to signing players and drafting in 2015. All Anthony can do is weigh his options and decide whether he believes in Jackson’s plan or not. It’s clear that Anthony wants to win. He can get the most money in New York, and if all he cared about was the money, his decision would be easy. Anthony still has hope for the future of the Knicks, and I think Phil Jackson’s words will have a big impact on Carmelo’s decision.

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