Kobe Bryant's Comments Will Motivate Los Angeles Lakers to Make Major Changes

By Brian Anderson
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Clearly frustrated with the Los Angeles Lakers‘ production this season, Kobe Bryant recently opened up about his thoughts on the team’s coaching and front office problems. Throughout his career, Bryant rarely ever shies away from speaking the truth, which is why many people dislike his personality, but it is also why he is one of the most respected players in the NBA.

Here are some of the comments Bryant made concerning the Lakers’ failures this season:

“I think we have to start at the top in terms of the culture of our team,” Bryant said. “What kind of culture do we want to have? What kind of system do we want to have? How do we want to play? It starts there and from there, you can start building out your team accordingly.

“You got to start with Jim (Buss). You got to start with Jim and Jeanie (Buss) and how that relationship plays out. It starts there and having a clear direction and clear authority. And then it goes down to the coaching staff and what Mike (D’Antoni) is going to do, what they’re going to do with Mike and it goes from there. It’s got to start at the top.

Bryant has never been more candid about his feelings toward the Lakers’ organization. The only time he has been this vocal was when the team was going through controversial times surrounding Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal. It is no wonder Bryant decided to speak up at a time like this. Although, many people will question the motive behind his comments, I think it is clear that he is trying his best to spark a fire underneath the organization, in hopes that some necessary changes will be made before he makes his long-awaited return to the hardwood.

Bryant spoke on how much he misunderstood the Lakers’ decision not to bring Phil Jackson back as their head coach. Instead, they went with D’Antoni, whom most of Bryant’s frustration has been aimed at. After we learned that Bryant would miss the remainder of the season, reports surfaced claiming that he refuses to come back to play for D’Antoni. While he has not said those exact words, Bryant is clearly unhappy with his coach’s work. As you have seen in his comments above, Bryant believes that most of the Lakers’ issues start at the top, then trickle down to the roster. Bryant wants something new in L.A., and most of the team’s fanbase would agree with the team going in a completely new direction.

It will only be a matter of time before we see any major changes within the Lakers’ organization, but I believe Bryant’s comments will lead to the team moving on from their current head coach and possibly undergoing some major changes in the front office as well. After those important issues are dealt with, the Lakers could focus on improving their roster, putting pieces in place before Bryant returns from injury. Whether you agree with his comments or not, Bryant has the right idea, and only he would know the proper steps to take toward rebuilding the Lakers.

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