Los Angeles Lakers Have Given Up On Mike D'Antoni, Should Be Fired Soon

By Scott Groff
Mike D'Antoni
Steve Dykes – USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers predictably went down to the San Antonio Spurs on Friday night, and have officially turned into cringe worthy material out there. Against San Antonio, it literally looked like the varsity against the junior varsity team playing in a scrimmage. Los Angeles was two steps slow, and every shot looked flat or short, just embarrassing stuff.

Every time down they were giving up wide open shot after wide open shot. In all of my years watching the Lakers, this was the most amateur display of basketball I have ever seen. And it’s not even as if they are completely quitting, they are just consistently in the wrong spot every time, they take the wrong angle every time, just listless. By halftime every player on San Antonio’s active roster had a field goal made, all 12! By comparison the Lakers had made only 11 field goals by the first half intermission, which I’m pretty sure has never happened before in the NBA.

The first thing Mike D’Antoni should be doing at practice is reinforcing the simple fundamentals of basketball because it’s clear this team has developed horrible habits. Little things like this are the reason this team has deteriorated so much from the start of the season. It’s pretty obvious this roster has had enough of D’Antoni, there is no emotion or sense of fight left anymore. The best way to make sure he gets fired in their minds is by getting embarrassed out there, and boy are these guys doing a great job of that.

It’s true the majority of the current Lakers are free agents after the season, but surely some are interested in being back in purple and gold. It looks clear to me they wont come back unless Jim Buss gets rid of their coach who is all bark and no bite. I’m convinced Jodie Meeks is the only guy who hasn’t given up on D’Antoni, only because he knows nothing but to play hard. Regardless, expect D’Antoni to be canned no later than a few days after the season. The players have spoken.

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