Brooklyn Nets Should Not Try Matching New York Knicks' Signing Of Phil Jackson

Debby Wong-USA Today Sports
Debby Wong-USA Today Sports

Fascination usually isn’t something that’s hard to come by in any capacity when it comes to New York City, and it’s no different when it comes to the NBA teams that call it home.

Now that the New York Knicks and highly criticized owner James Dolan have officially made one of the most respected men in the business, Phil Jackson, their President of Basketball Operations, the level of intrigue surrounding the Manhattan-based pro team and its future has inflated even larger than a hot air balloon.

Intimidating as that might seem, it now becomes crucial that Mikhail Prokhorov, owner of the Brooklyn Nets, does not attempt to match him for the sake of stealing back some of those coveted headlines.

After acquiring Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Jason Terry, Shaun Livingston and Alan Anderson over the offseason, expectations for this season zoomed up to the clouds in Brooklyn, and championship hopes might still be a reality with the way this team has played since Jan. 1. And while the main focus since these acquisitions has been on the willingness of Prokhorov to consistently open up his wallet, the work Nets general manager Billy King put in to execute the moves cannot be overlooked one bit either.

Overall King has done a phenomenal job in rebuilding the organization’s roster since being hired back in 2010. Prokhorov must keep that in mind and not consider trying to suddenly add a high profile name to his front office just for the sake of keeping up with Dolan’s recent addition. Any management move that Prokhorov would make from this point forward would be analyzed microscopically because of Jackson coming to New York.

The Nets have a pretty good thing going right now. Prokhorov doesn’t need to give anyone reasons to question his true intent for messing with it.

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