Chicago Bulls Need to Find Level of Consistency

By Troy Dixon
Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports
Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Another game down at the United Center and you can chalk up another tally in the win column for the Chicago Bulls. Tonight’s opponent was the Sacramento Kings. Remember back to their last meeting out in California on Feb. 3. The Bulls were embarrassed by the Kings to the tune of a 29-point blowout, and Joakim Noah was ejected after cursing out all three refs in the classiest fashion possible.

There was no way they could allow anything like that to happen again, especially on their home court this time. No offense to a Kings team that has a few very talented players on their roster like DeMarcus Cousins, Rudy Gay and Isaiah Thomas. It’s just that they shouldn’t be able to do much against this Bulls team, no matter how thin coach Tom Thibodeau’s rotation is.

Bulls commentator Stacey King has it absolutely correct when he says that Chicago has a bad habit of taking their foot off the gas pedal and playing down to the level of their competition, while giving top tier teams maximum effort.

Take this for example. Two of their last three games, prior to tonight’s game against Sacramento, were against the Miami Heat and Houston Rockets. Both teams are near the top of their respective conferences record-wise. In those games, the Bulls flat out outplayed them for 48 minutes. Then you have games like the one against the Memphis Grizzlies last Friday, where their offensive woes are severely apparent.

From here on out, the emphasis has to not only be geared toward winning the games that you should, but also getting maximum effort every game. The way that this group is built, I don’t see how they wouldn’t give every other team in the league fits when they play against them.

As hard-nosed as this team is, a run past the first round of the playoffs may not be out of the question. I may be jumping the gun a bit with 16 games left on the Bulls’ schedule, but forgive me for the fact that a few of the recent victories have given life to a new ray of hope this season.

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