Cleveland Cavaliers Must Target Rodney Hood and Aaron Craft in 2014 NBA Draft

By kennethbrown
Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

The Cleveland Cavaliers are in need of help, and the upcoming 2014 NBA Draft will provide a good opportunity for them to improve their team. Who should they draft? That’s the question fans are discussing. Obviously they’d love to get Jabari Parker, but they may have to look elsewhere on the Duke roster and draft Rodney Hood. A likely second-round pick, Aaron Craft is an addition that they should consider as well.

The draft is only a few months away, and the Cavs don’t quite know what position their picks will be or what players they will have a chance to get. Duke have obvious talents that will improve the Cavaliers, but they should turn their attention to Craft as a late pick. The star point guard could provide a much-needed spark off of the bench for the Cavaliers.

Both Hood and Craft would provide the Cavaliers with energy, points and the depth their roster lacks. Both are realistic options, but if they find a way to move up and grab Parker, expect them to make that move. The Cavaliers need energy and need to help their current talent out, and the draft is the chance to do just that.

The general belief is that they are a player or two away from becoming a playoff team, and they may find those players in Hood and Craft. The Cavaliers have to draft correctly, but then again, they like to surprise rivals in the draft.

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